What we do

We offer the most intense, adaptable and creative fitness experience in the world.

We deliver high intensity workouts fuelled by team effort and innovative class ideas to get the absolute best out of you.

Our class set ups change daily but some essential things remain contstant

  • All classes contain modifications which cater for beginner, intermedate & advanced levels. This makes every workout equally challenging for everyone
  • Our set ups are mostly team based, you will train alongside others who are of similar ability
  • Where possible you will score your workouts so that you can see your progress and remain accountable for how hard you work


We aim to build fitness communities and transform lives

You are a product of your environment. We build environments where everyone works hard, supports each others fitness journeys and achieves thier full potential

We do this in the following ways

  • hardcore Fitness Challenges including fat loss, hypertrophy, strength & performance
  • a Personal training service like no other, including bespoke programming, nutrition planning & body composition reviews
  • high intensity group classes and workouts which will leave you speechless
  • unrivalled support & care from our expert staff

dont just take our word for it

we have thousands of life changing stories, here are just a few

Name: Nina Haines

Age: 41

Occupation: Phlebotomy Supervisor (Nurse)

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Name: Sophia Fitzimmons

Age: 31

Occupation: Stay at Home Mum

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Name: Matthew Brookes

Age: 41

Occupation: Sales Manager (Lanxess)

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Name: Simon Oakden

Age: 50

Occupation: Process Manager (Severn Trent)

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we are all about value

massive offering, reasonable price

We offer more than any other fitness facility. 4FITT is not just a gym or class and its not the equipment we use. When you become a member of a 4FITT you become part of something amazing

  • A one-to-one membership manager to ensure you get the most out of 4FITT
  • The most rewarding and creative fitness classes in the world
  • A support network of like minded people with the same goals as you
  • Mentors who are where you want to be now, and will help you get there