Challenges at 4FITT are all about you. You will not only leave each session looking great, but feeling great too. We guarantee you will actually enjoy working out again! Below are just a few of the added benefits and features:

4FITT Challenges

Fat Loss

6 Week Challenge Start Dates:

  • 14/05/22
  • 25/06/22
  • 06/08/22
  • 17/09/22
  • 29/10/22

12 Week Challenge Start Dates:

  • 25/06/22
  • 17/09/22

12 Week Strength Challenge

From 25/06/22 to 17/09/22

12 Week Hypertrophy Challenge

From 17/09/22 to 10/12/22

performance Challenge

Coming Spring 2023

Our Story





The trainers at 4FITT are full-blown rock stars who come from a variety of backgrounds/disciplines. We pride ourselves on having only incredibly high-caliber trainers available at reasonable and affordable rates.