4FITT is more than a place where people come to get fit. 4FITT has gone from strength to strength for its method of training and the support network we have to help you reach your goals. Our customers have seen life changing transformations in their physique and fitness levels.  


We are here to coach and train you to know your own abilities and to push through the boundaries to get you to your own personal goals.  Everyone is different and so we tailor our coaching to suit your needs.  We are the local gym that focuses on its customers, not the bottom line.


4FITT was started back in 2015 by a couple of fitness fanatics that had had enough of the tactics employed by nationwide and larger gyms towards their customers and also their personal trainers.

We wanted a gym that fostered a feeling of family and community.  A supportive network of personal trainers helping those of you wanting to achieve your own personal fitness goals.

From there, 4FITT was born and we’ve achieved so much with our customers.  


The gym



4FITT has lots of training options available. Personal Training is offered in a one-on-one format lead by a certified personal trainer, providing a very personalised experience. Small group training is similar to personal training, only it’s more fun as there are typically 2-4 people in a session. Group Training include 5+ people and provide accountability and an energy-filled atmosphere that keeps you motivated.

Some of the classes we provide include Ultimate Fitness, Hypertrophy and Boxing Fitness.

Yes, we do! Making healthy happen should be as easy as possible and the option to take a quick shower after a workout is sometimes the difference between “I can work out” and “I can’t work out.” Our club have showers and bathrooms, and offer lockers (bring your own padlock).