Michelle Brown

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Level 2 fitness instructor 

Level 3 personal trainer 



5 Years Military Service

5 Years Personal Training at 4FITT


Known for:

Michelle is 100% committed to every single one of her clients and delivers an excellent service rain or shine. She is excellent at keeping her clients accountable and motivated 24/7. Michelle has been a client at 4FITT and made the transition 5 years ago to PT, she knows what it’s like to struggle mentally and physically which gives her an edge when dealing with her clients and the problems they face.


Personal Achievements:

Michelle is highly active and maintains a very high volume of 4FITT classes, running and weight training in the gym. She has competed in many fitness events from mud runs to triathlons with her clients and takes great pride in achieving things alongside other people.

2 reviews for Michelle Brown

  1. Rebecca Brookes

    I first met Michelle when I joined the gym for a fat loss challenge in 2017. She really helped me during the challenge to overcome not only physical barriers, with having not exercised for a long time, but many Mental ones too. She has an empowering way of Making you take a step back and believe in yourself. She is totally Committed to getting the best out of everyone in her classes and pushes you to your limit!

  2. Beth Rogers

    I met michelle Just before The start of My first ultimate fitness class at HQ.. Michelle could tell it was my first class, and tried to reassure me as it was obvious that i was nervous. I had signed up to one of the fatloss challenges after being recommended by a friend but had never been to 4fitt so i thought i would attend a class before the challenge started. it was the best decision I’ve ever made and Michelle has been a central part in changing my life. Michelle is an inspirational woman to work with, someone who challenges you and provides support in a multiplicity of ways. I Can’t recommend Michelle enough, shes worked tirelessly to build my confidence, listened to my wobbles and been patient trying to find something i enjoy in the gym. I eventually Realised I’m meant for “lifting not shifting” a long time after michelle did and have since started to work upon a strength building program, if you want someone to emphasise, challenge and support you Michelle is the one for you. #TeamMichelle

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