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Many people never experience what its like to be exceptionally fit and healthy. Plenty of people think that they are fit, this challenge will open your eyes to what your body can really do.

Poor physical performance is always a problem, whether its playing with your kids, going on a bike ride or getting into a fight. You will always require fitness in life, the longer you leave it, the harder it will get to achieve and high level and really see what you can do.

The 4FITT performance challenge is like no other, we push you to your limits with a mixture of ultimate fitness classes, group runs and metabolic conditioning workouts. This challenge will get you super fit in a relatively short period of time. Participants in the past have used this challenge to enhance thier performance in boxing, cycling, running, triathlons and many more competitive events. To cap off our performance challenge we always include entry into an offical fitness based event.

The transformation in your body and mind as a result of this challenge will be massive, your training will never be the same again.

Each performance challenge differs slighly depending on the type of event at the end. Here is the loose structure of this amazing challenge;

  • Group based runs/conditioning sessions
  • Bespoke fitness programming
  • Entry into a fitness based event
  • Body composition assessments
  • Train with an exceptional group of like minded elite individuals

Get signed up now and we will get in contact with exactly the type of training you need to be doing to prepare your body for this challenge. You cant just jump straight in!


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