4FITT HQ Hypertrophy 10 Week Challenge


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Gaining muscle is no walk in the park, many people try and fail to obtain that lean muscular physique which we so desire. Unfortunately without the neccessary ingredients your muscles wil simply not grow, many people are surprised to learn exactly what it takes.

Unfortunately as you get older it becomes increasingly diffcult to build muscle, its a long process but if you dont start now it will only get harder. Think where will you be a year from now without this challenge, exactly where you are now.

Look no further! Our hypertrophy challenge has proven time and time again to churn out lean muscle mass whilst shredding body fat. On this challenge you can expect to

  • Learn how to execute a structured nutrition program bespoke to you
  • Discover the new era of training methods for muscle gain
  • Finally get consistent with your training and nutrition
  • Find out what your body is capable of

You will experience a complete body transformation over the 10 or 20 weeks you take part in the challenge. However, the real value in this challenge is it will teach you exactly what you need to build and maintain the physique you have always wanted. See our case studies and photos of real people just like you who took the plunge and benefitted enourmously in many ways.

We offer all of the following as part of our hypertrophy challenge

  • Access to all of our hypertrophy classes
  • Three body compostion assessments
  • Professional before/after photos
  • Weekly progress monitoring and check ins
  • Exclisive technique group sessions

Purchase our hypertrophy challenge now and we will be in contact as soon as possible with details of what you will need to start. We can also get you booked in for an optional induction to show you the ropes before the challenge begins.


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