4FITT HQ Fat Loss 12 Week Challenge


5th September – 28th November 2020

Unlimited Members 50% Off

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Three Body Composition Assessments
  • Professional Before/After Photos
  • Weekly Progress Monitoring
  • Weekly Exclusive Classes
  • 4 Phase Progressive Fat Loss Diet Plan

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If you are reading this is likely that you have tried diets, going to the gym, running and many other things which promised to get you amazing results. You probably lost motivation, one cheat led to another and before you knew it you were back to square one.

If you carry on this way you will never know what it is to fully enjoy your body. More seriously, lack of exercise and poor nutrition will lead to excess body fat which can cause irrepareble damage to your body and mind in the form of loose skin, anxiety and low confidence to name a few.

4FITT has the solution! We have been running our fat loss challenge for over 5 years now and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary! Our unique classes coupled with unrivled support and guidance from our trainers is the perfect cocktail for obscene results that leave many people questioning our integrity. We wont reveal our secrets here but youll be sure to take what we offer on board and change your life!

Take a look at our ridiculous transformation photos, we have literally changed thousands of lives since our inception in 2015 and we dont plan on stopping now!

We offer more than any comparable product on the market here is what you get

  • Unlimted access to classes at all 4FITT sites
  • Three body composition assessments to track your progress
  • Proffessional before/after photos
  • Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
  • Weekly exclusive fat loss challenge group sessions
  • 4 Phase progressive fat loss diet plan


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