4FITT 30 Day TED Fat Loss Home Challenge

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You do not train enough! Or to the intensity required for you to see the results that you want. Think about it, has anyone ever achieved anything they are truly proud of without working hard at it every day?

NO, you will not get the body you want without a proffessionally structured, tried and tested exercise & nutrition plan, motivation, progress monitoring and most importantly… Accountability!


With every passing day you are one step further away from the body you want, you will do irreparable damage to your body if you do not take positive action and sort yourself out. Expect

  • Unattractive loose baggy skin
  • Irreversible heart damage
  • Destruction of your knees, hips and lower back
  • Pouches of fat you will never get rid of


Do not worry! We can stop this destruction in its tracks! Our 30 day exercise, diet stretching & motivational program  actually works, we guarantee to get you better results than any other challenge on the market.

  • Discover 30 unconventional workouts which will have an unprecidented effect on your body fat
  • Struggle sticking to diets? Our 4 Phase plan is extremely easy to follow and you will never go hungry
  • To burn fat you must do cardio for hours right? WRONG! We show you efficient workouts which actually get results
  • The truth about any exercise plan is that motivation is 50% of the battle, we’ve got you covered with 30 pre workout motivational videos (one every day)


Dont just take our word for it, we have changed thousands of lives over the last 5 years and we dont plan on stopping anytime soon! Check out some of our transformations!


Do you want to benefit from this offer like so many others before you? If the answer is yes then here is what is going to happen next

  1. Insert your name and email above and receive our 70% OFF discount instantly
  2. Use the code to purchase the 30 or 7 day fat loss challenge for 1/3 of the normal price
  3.  Receive the 88 page PDF directly to your email inbox within seconds
  4. Open the PDF, absorb our essential information
  5. Depending on what food you have in, you may have to go shopping
  6. Plan a slot for your first workout, prepare your food and start changing your life!


The TED 30 Day Fat Loss challenge comes with a 100% Money back guarantee. You will significantly reduce your body fat at a rate you have never seen before. Your friends will envy the progress you make as you become a healthier, happier and more confident version of yourself. We have an exceptional product and you will get exceptional results. We are so confident that you will be astonished by your results that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason whatsoever you want your money back just drop us a quick email and we will process your refund as soon as we physically can. You could in theory just buy our plan and email us straight away and ask for a refund and there would be nothing we could do. However, we know what our product is worth and we believe that once you see the extraordinary results of our challenge you will have no desire whatseover to obtain a refund. 

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