4FITT HQ 10 Week Strength Challenge


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Lack of strength can cause a multitude of problems for your training, physique and general life. Most programs lack the structure and efficiency of a properly constructed and considered plan. In order to get results safely and effectively you must train at the right intensity, frequency and with the right volume.

Strength imbalances or a complete lack of strength often leads to poor (hunching) posture which will permanently alter the anatomy of the spine over time. Lack of strength and muscle can also make it very hard to burn fat and generally reduces the efficiency of your body as time goes on.

Anyone can gain strength by doing the 4FITT strength challenge, we give you the tools to gain strength fast by excellent coaching, programming and nutrition.

Our methods may be extreme, but as long as you can take it, you can make it! You will learn our methods and use them to create the strongest version of you which has ever exsited! Just check out our videos and testimonials showing every day people lifting huge weights!

Here is exactly what we offer;

  • Bespoke strength programming
  • Internal powerlifting meet (under offical competition conditions) at the end of the challenge
  • Three body composition assessments
  • Weekly video analysis of your workouts
  • Weekly Check ins
  • Calorie surplus coaching (You’ll love this)

Just get signed up now and a coach will be in touch to get you ready for this monumental but rewarding challenge as soon as possible.


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