4FITT HQ 10 Week Olympic Lifting Challenge


11th July – 19th September 2020

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  • One to One Support
  • Three Body Composition Assessments
  • Bespoke Olympic Lifting Program
  • Weekly Progress Monitoring
  • Weekly Exclusive Oylmpic Lifting Technique Class
  • Performance Nutrition Plan


Olympic lifting takes great amount of co-ordination, speed, flexibility and strength to do properly. We would not recommend that anyone try this training without getting guidance from a coach or trainer first. It is very easy to get injured or perform these techniques incorrectly.

If you attempt to begin oylmpic lifting or continue to do so without proper guidance, it becomes increasingly difficult to coach the bad habits you will inevitably develop out of you.

Our Olympic lifting challenge involves a highly comprehensive and bespoke program which includes group technique and stretching sessions to make sure you are doing the lifts correctly as well as completing the correct assisting exercises which will aid your performance in the main lifts. When you get it right this type of training is beautiful to watch and highly beneficial for developing a multitude of athletic components.

Our Oylimpic lifting coaches do so every day and have years of experience coaching clients from all levels of ability. No matter how long it takes, we make sure you get the technique right FIRST. Only then can you progress the weight under the bar and achieve a complete transformation in your athletic profile.

Here are the specifics of what our challenge offers;

  • Exclusive group technique classes
  • Bespoke detailed programming based on ability
  • Intense stretch and mobility routines
  • Weekly check ins
  • Constant guidance and support in all areas of the program
  • Extensive performance nutrition coaching and programming


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